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Health Relationship Coordinator

As a patient, being truly heard by your health care providers, is of paramount importance. This belief is at the core of our new patient experience.  Learning ‘your story’ and how you want your story to continue guides us throughout your entire care.  Another core belief: as our patient, you deserve a very thorough and accurate assessment of your dental health along with treatment options to fit only YOUR desires.  Being FULLY informed allows you to choose care that is long lasting, fully functional, esthetically pleasing and healthy.  I personally fully recognize what we do here leaves a permanent footprint in your life, and we are committed to making that footprint positive and life changing.

Dr. Randy Shoup’s skill set in the use of a high powered microscope, along with his advanced skills of biomimetic and adhesive dentistry, provides you the opportunity of treatment options literally only a handful of dentists in the world can offer and very successfully implement.  The choice of treatment is always yours and yours alone.  My role as your Health Relationship Coordinator (HRC)  is to be YOUR advocate-to explore with you what YOU want-not just what you ‘need’…and make certain along your journey-we  ‘hear’ you, comprehend your message and together, build the pathway to what YOU want. I will be with you from the beginning of your appointment, throughout your care, and celebrating with you at your finish line. It will be my honor to walk your journey beside you.

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