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Financial Options

Yes, you can afford the dental care you want!

At Microscope Dentistry by Shoup, we never want finances to prevent you receiving the dental care to help you achieve the level of health you are seeking. 

Likewise, we strive to offer treatment solutions that fit where you are, what you feel is right for you.  Dr. Shoup can do just about anything-that doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that it is what YOU want. 

Once completed, we fully expect our dentistry to last as long as you do. Dentistry is an investment-and sometimes that investment comes as a unexpected surprise with a dollar figure attached that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Many of our patients need help in sorting out how to make what they want come to be. Let us help you navigate these waters, too!

The only question that matters:  Is this the dentistry you want?

If it is-we will sort out a way to help you navigate through the financial field.  If it isn’t the right treatment for you now-or even later-let’s find plan B.  There is one thing for certain:  dentistry does not get less expensive by delaying it-and teeth do not heal themselves. 

Solutions to Consider:

We will always focus our financial conversations on your total treatment investment.  Your treatment plan will always be determined by what is best for you based on  Dr. Shoup’s or your hygienist, Elena’s technical skill, education and professional qualifications. At no time, will an insurance company dictate your treatment recommendations.  The options noted below are intended to be suggestions of consideration.  You can have the dental care

  1. Consider using your FSA/HSA plan
  2. Dental Insurance:  you are welcomed to utilize your dental insurance benefits in our practice.  You would review the ‘out of network’ column to learn your benefit reimbursement schedule.  
  3. Consider applying for a 0% interest credit card. There are repayment options ranging from six months to 18 months
  4. Consider using a balance transfer check from your credit card company.  A low interest, low transfer rate option to allow flexibility in repayment.
  5. Consider accessing a home equity line of credit
  6. Talk with us about a limited repayment payment plan
  7. If you are stuck-talk with us about what you need.  We are here to help!
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