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Crowns are Unnecessary

Dr. Shoup truly hates cutting your tooth down for a crown! Preparing a tooth for a crown grinds away most of your natural tooth structure, leaving only a small nub of a tooth. Why grind away your perfectly healthy tooth when something much more conservative will work even better-and is a healthier choice?

Wait! Is this possible even when a tooth is severely broken down-perhaps another dentist has suggested a crown or even removing the tooth? Without question it is possible! In Dr. Shoup’s career he has restored teeth that other dentists have stated needed to be crowned or removed! Why? Simply put-it is the only tool in their toolbox. Not the case for Dr. Shoup!

How is this even possible? Dr. Shoup utilizes the power behind magnification. If you wear eye glasses or use a magnifying glass to read the newspaper, thread a needle….you are using magnification….to SEE BETTER. When you can SEE better, the whole world opens up to you!

Dr. Shoup has the only known microscope in the entire world that goes up to 30x! The levels of magnification available on his microscope are not available on loupes (glasses dentists may wear at the chair). Why? Because glasses would be far too heavy-a dentist could not hold their head upright! Yet that magnification is priceless! Just like you can see more clearly with your eye glasses, the microscope allows Dr. Shoup to work with surgical precision-removing only the unhealthy tooth structure. Likewise, when replacing that tooth structure, the margins must be exact-perfect. And again, magnification wins!

What is the solution to NO MORE CROWNS?

A porcelain or gold onlay designed, created and placed utilizing the principles of biomimetic adhesive dentistry! As an extra step and part of the biomimetic process, Dr. Shoup will completely seal your natural tooth. This will prevent any outside forces from entering into the tooth structure or root of the tooth.

Traditionally, gold has been the material of choice for onlays. In recent years, however, porcelain has become increasingly popular due to its strength and color, which can potentially match the natural color of your teeth. Either choice is a perfect choice!

Once the unhealthy structure of the tooth is removed, a precise mold is made to replace exactly what was removed. Onlay’s take on unique shapes and sizes! This process requires two appointments, approximately 3 weeks apart. At the first appointment, a temporary is made for you to wear during the time your onlay is being created by Mr. Yun, a highly respected expert in his field. When it is time to ‘deliver’ your onlay, Dr. Shoup will again, utilize the principles of biomimetic and adhesive dentistry to ensure longevity and full function of your new onlay.

Take a listen to our patient testimony (audio player below). Hear how this patient was told they needed crowns as soon as possible, but she chose to seek a second opinion with Dr. Shoup-who strongly disagreed with their previous diagnosis.

Hear Why Crowns Are Unnecessary on the Dr. Shoup Show

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