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An Alternative to CPAP

An Alternative to a CPAP Machine

Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP Appliance)

Here we go again!  Another night sleep lost because of snoring!  While snoring can be irritating, exhausting and cause sleeping in separate rooms, it is a red light on the dashboard of your body letting you know something is wrong! Sleep apnea is where your body actually stops taking in oxygen-you stop breathing. Your body then goes into ‘fight or flight’ mode to jolt you into breathing again.  This process repeats itself over and over, all through the night. 

Snoring occurs because airway is being blocked.  This blockage can occur in many different ways. Reducing or eliminating that blockage is key.  With a blockage present, it doesn’t matter how hard you force the air, or how much air is forced–the air cannot reach the lungs.

A TAP appliance is a strong alternative to having air being forced into your mouth!  Two custom fit guards, connect in the front, self-adjusting mechanism to allow your airway to be more open-to receive more of your own air! If you are a grinder/clencher-this serves a dual purpose as a bite guard as well!

Call today and save your marriage, save your health…save your life!  


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