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Mission Statement

We have an innate drive to provide to you, our patient, a dental experience that is collaborative, educational and solution oriented.  An experience where you feel heard and understood, where a respected relationship is built upon earned trust, authenticity and transparency. 

We are a small yet mighty team.   Well trained,  well versed and always available to listen and help. As our patient, you are our sole focus.  We know you first as a person, then as our patient. We invest the time and energy to build lasting relationships.  It is our honor to be chosen by generations in a family, those local to us and those who travel from great distances for our expertise. 

We believe we enter into a relationship with each other when you choose us as your dental home.  We honor and respect that relationship, at all times.  We believe your time, as well as ours, is valuable and to be honored. 

We strive to improve your life through the art of dentistry and do so utilizing the most ultra conservative solution possible.  We have chosen the road less traveled-that of microscope based biomimetic adhesive dentistry.-preserving as much of your natural tooth as is humanly possible. 

It’s very simple:  when treating a tooth while looking through the lens of a high powered surgical microscope-Dr. Shoup is able to be incredibly precise, removing only the damaged part of your tooth structure. Everything healthy is left totally intact.  That is possible when treating only through high levels of magnification. 

There are only a few with the skillset Dr. Shoup has earned in his forty year dental journey. There are less than one hundred dentists in the United States who choose this pathway;  Dr. Shoup is in an elite group of ONLY seven in the world with a Master Fellowship in the microscope.  Few dentists can implement the creative solutions Dr. Shoup provides for our patients.  Many times patients come to us because no one else can help them.  We can. We do. 

Although our assistants are extensively trained, you are always under the care of Dr. Shoup and ONLY Dr. Shoup.  He will complete your procedure from start to finish. He is  assisted by our well trained certified clinical team who have credentials to do more; however, only he will complete your dentistry.    You are not passed off at any time. 

Our entire team participated in creating our Patient Relationship Agreement and we believe, as we hope you do,  this is our foundation to begin to build upon.  As you read through our agreement, does it resonate with you?  Are you searching for the place where your life is enhanced through the art of dentistry?  Where you are seen and treated as the whole person you are-not just as a set of teeth?  Where you are given education to make choices-and you feel are right for you?  Always-it is your body-your choice, your timetable. 

What is our purpose?  To do all we can to prevent even one tooth from being damaged or destroyed unnecessarily by traditional dentistry; to provide hygiene therapies that lead to a healthy mouth –the gateway to the body;  to provide restorative solutions that are ultra conservative, long lasting, healthy, fully functional, esthetically pleasing and to do so in such a way that it enhances our patient’s life. Lastly, to provide an experience to challenge and change stagnant beliefs about the importance of dentistry in healthcare, while being very cognoscente  of the footprint we leave on every patient we have the honor of treating.  When you are ready, we are here.

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