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Ozone Therapies


Microscope Dentistry By Shoup has added oxygen/ozone therapy to our extensive list of holistic treatments. Ozone is one of the most powerful all natural antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-parasitic agents known today. Ozone has been used in medicine and dentistry for many years and is now experiencing a new resurgence in popularity. With so many people developing antibiotic resistant bacteria no bacteria has ever become resistant to ozone. 

We have ozone water running through all of the water lines in our treatment rooms. This keeps our water lines pristine and all the water used in your treatment is ozone treated.

We use ozone water in the hygiene department to irrigate the gums as we clean your teeth. We have ozone water in our ultrasonic cleaning units too. We also use ozone gas to irrigate the deep pockets for our periodontal patients. This hyper oxygen treatment kills the anaerobic bacteria that like to live deep in periodontal pockets.

On the restorative side we use ozone water to clean the teeth prior to restoring them. Teeth seem to be much less sensitive due to this treatment. Ozone water is used to rinse your mouth prior to any surgery.

When we have to do a root canal we use ozone water to irrigate the inside of the tooth and we use ozone gas to treat the inside of the tooth before sealing it. We are extremely excited about all the benefits you will experience due to the oxygen / ozone therapies.

Ozone is a naturally occurring combination of an extra oxygen atom to regular oxygen.  Oxygen (O2) turn into Ozone (O3).

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