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The Dr Shoup Show – Season 1 Episode 11 – Your Dentist Should Never Suggest A Crown

It’s another episode of watch and learn as we fight the myth that you need a crown, let alone multiple crowns. Simply put, the greatest amount of damage a dentist can do to your tooth is to put a crown on it. The process of preparing a tooth for a crown (or cap) requires the dentist to grind all of the enamel off your tooth. Your tooth is reduced to a small nub that is significantly weakened. The tooth has been so traumatized that it may also need a root canal to make the pain stop. With Microscope Dentistry by Shoup’s advanced technology and high magnification microscopes, during this episode Dr. Shoup will discuss how it is possible to leave your entire healthy tooth untouched. Our amazing materials and proven process means placing a crown on your tooth is absolutely unnecessary. There should never be a circumstance for your teeth to receive the crown treatment.

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