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Prevent Cavities Forever

Preventing Cavities Forever!

Have you grown up with cavities your whole life?  Are your siblings following the same pathway?  What about your own children?  Cavities, cavities, c.a.v.i.t.i.e.s.  You brush.  You floss. You fuss at your children.  Yet…more cavities at your dental checkup!  Frustrating.  Self defeating.  Guilt inducing.  Here’s an important news flash:  It’s not your fault!  You could brush and floss and use all the fancy rinses on the shelf-and you would still get cavities.  WHY?

Many people believe that getting cavities and needing fillings on your teeth are simply part of life and unavoidable. This couldn’t be further from the truth!  Preventing cavities takes science, a super easy homecare routine and a change in the environment!

Most cavities have a common denominator culprit….and it isn’t sugar!  While sugar is not something we endorse…we can’t blame it for cavities!  Cavities, in my cases are caused by ACID!  Not sugar-ACID!  Where does the acid come from?  BACTERIA!  Yes….cavities are caused by bacteria.

Where does the bacteria come from?  SALIVA!  It is a simple saliva exchange-and most often occurs as a tiny baby-when everyone is kissing on you, tasting food for you, cleaning your pacifier after it’s thrown on the floor….saliva.  There is something to be said for not kissing the baby on the mouth!

Here’s the cycle:  bacteria needs to eat…it is a living organism.  It eats—you guessed it SUGAR!  Our western diet provides every kind of sugar imaginable…and bacteria eat it up.  Just like us…it expels…’pee’s acid’ as Dr. Shoup says!  It is when the acid eats through the enamel of a tooth that a cavity is formed.

So-you could brush and floss all day long and still get cavities.  As long as the bacteria is present and able to eat, expel and form biofilm on your teeth-you will get cavities.  If you had termites eating your boards, you would call who?  A carpenter to repair the boards….AND an exterminator to kill the termites.  Traditional dentistry treats the symptom-the cavity.  Dr. Shoup treats the cause-the bacteria.  A world of difference!  So much so that in our practice, children grow up never having a cavity.  It’s the ‘norm’ for us.  Adults stop getting cavity after cavity.  We are the exterminators.

With tried and true science based systems, we mitigate the effects of the acid, shift the pH in your mouth from acidic to more akaline and feed the bacteria until it starves itself to death!  We also believe in protecting teeth with PERMANENT sealants-not the kind that trap bacteria deep in the grooves and the teeth, flake off after a couple of years and only to have a cavity form UNDER a sealant.  Dr. Shoup uses a biomimetic approach to permanent sealants that sterilize the grooves, seal the teeth and NEVER come out and you will NEVER get a cavity on the biting surface of your tooth. GUARANTEED! Interested in learning more?  Take a listen to Dr. Shoup’s explanation (audio player above) of how our  sealant technology can prevent future cavities for decades and how applying those sealants properly are critical for the long lasting results.

Cavities do not have to part of your or your children’s future.  They ARE preventable! It is NEVER too late!

Hear How You Can Prevent Cavities for Life on the Dr. Shoup Show

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