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Where in the World is Dr. Shoup?

Volunteer Dentistry in Kenya

The 2014 American Dental Association Humanitarian Award was presented to Dr. Raymond Damazo. Dr. Damazo began his career 25 years ago doing dentistry out of a truck across the Maasai Mara in Kenya.  Over the years this effort has grown from portable to a beautiful clinic for the Maasai tribes people.  At this time Dr. Damazo wants to expand the mission from its origin of delivering emergency dentistry to teaching the locals how to deliver preventive dentistry and focusing more on restoring rather than extracting.  This is where Dr. Damazo and Dr. Shoup blend talents.  Dr. Shoup has been traveling over to Kenya every single year since 2014. To learn even more about our mission in Kenya please click the below logo to visit our KIND Dentistry website.


Visit our KIND Dentistry website to help is in our annual mission trips to provide thorough dental care to those in need.

Indiana University School of Dentistry

Dr. John Williams, Dean of I.U. School of Dentistry, has invited Dr. Shoup to address the senior dental students about how to achieve world class results in treating their patients.  Dr. Shoup will share his passion for excellence not only in the technical aspects of dentistry but his commitment to creating lasting relationships with his patients.  Dr. Shoup will be sharing his passion at the dental school on Friday’s from March through May.

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