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Patient Personal Protection Procedures


Microscope Dentistry by Shoup (MDS) is always on the cutting edge of technology, materials, procedures, and techniques. It is absolutely the same when it comes to protecting our patient’s health in the face of a severe global pandemic. The health and safety of you and our team is of paramount importance. 

We have not closed at any time during the Covid-19 pandemic. MDS was able to secure Personal Protective Equipment from a variety of sources so we could continue operations to treat our patients. The supply chain was difficult and expensive to negotiate at times but we were able to get what we needed. MDS also made investments in very specialized equipment designed to maximize your safety. 

Our scrubs and office garments designed to be cleaned by special cleaning solutions. 

All of our masks are what is known as a level C3 grade mask. Generally, C1 or C2 level masks are all that is required to wear in a dental office but we have moved to the highest quality mask short of the N95 respirator. We did not pursue the N95 masks so as not to deplete the hospital supplies. 

We utilize a pair of UVC sterilization light towers. These light towers are designed to sterilize an entire room. Hospitals are now using these to clean operating rooms and patient ICU rooms after COVID-19 patients. The lights put out high intensity UVC rays that kill any and all microbes instantly. The light also generates ozone which fills the rooms with ozone gas which is one of the strongest antimicrobial compounds known.  In our office, we have used ozone therapeutically for years because of the great healing it gives our patients. Ozone is used in hygiene to in our therapy procedures; Dr. Shoup utilizes ozone to sterilize teeth as they are being restored.  We use ozone water through all our water lines every day. We make our own ozone, twice daily, so it is a potent as possible. We also use the UVC lights in all our treatment rooms as well as the reception area and bathrooms. 

We also have two aerosol purification units used in hygiene and restorative. They are a white box on wheels with a long white snorkel that is positioned under your chin. This vacuum system sucks in all the aerosols and droplets into a 4-level filtration system featuring a micro filter, activated charcoal filter, HEPA filter, and finally a special ultra-absorbent biologic filter. After the air passes through those 4 filters it enters a UVC chamber where 2 UVC bulbs irradiate the air before it is exhausted back into the room perfectly clean. Dr. Shoup has worked with this company for many years and was asked to and did participate in the design of this system. 

MDS has always used the most effective surface sterilization solutions on the market and we continue to put in place extra steps that insure your and our safety while in the office. 

These are some of the extra steps we have taken to insure MDS is perfectly safe for your dental treatment. The steps and measures we have taken to protect you and our team will not end once the pandemic is over.

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