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Meet Dr. Shoup

Introducing: Dr. Randolph Shoup

             Dr. Randy Shoup is a 1981 graduate of Indiana University School of Dentistry.   Dr. Shoup served in the US Public Health Service for 3 year before starting his private practice journey located in Indianapolis in 1984.

             Dr. Shoup has pioneered several technological and procedural innovations to dramatically improve the quality of dentistry for all patients. In 1987 he had the very first intraoral dental camera showing patients actual pictures of their teeth with amazing clarity. This visual collaborative process empowers patients to make better quality decisions about their dental treatment.

             Dr. Shoup began his career-long dedication to magnification in 1988 by progressing from 3X magnification loupes to 6X magnification loupes, which were the strongest available at the time. This ability to see in stunning detail and precision allowed Dr. Shoup to begin grinding significantly less on teeth thus preserving all the healthy tooth structure possible for his patients.

             In 1989 Dr. Shoup began to develop dental restorative procedures around the newest cutting-edge technology of using a surgical microscope through which to perform ultra-conservative dentistry. Dr. Shoup is a pioneer in crafting the processes for dentists to utilize this quantum leap in their ability to see, enabling dentists to make significantly smaller restorations thus saving the patients irreplaceable health tooth structure. The microscope technology allows Dr. Shoup to see the patients tooth at 30X magnification. He is one of the only restorative dentists in the world to use this level of magnification while restoring a tooth.

            You see, once a dentist grinds away a patient’s tooth structure it NEVER grows back, it is gone forever. The goal is to make the very smallest alterations to the tooth possible thus preserving the maximum amount of health tooth structure.

            Dr. Shoup was one of the dentists to form the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry. This group of academics, scientists, and practicing dentists created and refined what we all now know as preventative dentistry and anti-cavity therapy.

            The WCMID evolved into the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry and Dr. Shoup was the first member of that group. The ABD develops and promotes ultraconservative dental treatment for dental disease from decay, trauma, acid damage, grinding and clenching, as well as acid reflux and decay prevention.

            Dr. Shoup has and does lecture across the US and Internationally teaching dentists from around the world how to treat patients NOT using crowns or caps and NOT making huge holes in their teeth.

           Dr. Shoup has also developed methods to restore teeth that the majority of dentists would say could not be restored and would have to be extracted. He also is a world leader in restoring teeth that have had endodontic therapy (a root canal) without having to drill big posts in the tooth and then grinding the tooth down for a crown or cap.

          Finally, Dr. Shoup takes all this knowledge, expertise, materials and equipment to Kenya and performs restorative and preventive dentistry for the children of the Maasai tribe and the children of the slums and orphanages in Nairobi.

          The totality of this knowledge, skill, and experience directly translates to the patient. You can preserve your natural and healthy tooth structure. You can have your teeth restored back to health and function when other dentists want to extract them and make bridges or place implants. You can significantly reduce your risk for needing root canals or having your teeth extracted. And finally, you have an extremely high probability you will NEVER need a crown or cap again. Less grinding, less damage, less trauma, and less time spent in the dental chair means a healthier and happier patient.

  • American Dental Association

  • Academy of General Dentistry

  • American Academy of Dental Practice Administration

  • Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry

  • President of the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

  • International Academy of Oral Medical Toxicology

  • Academy of Medical and Dental Ozone   

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